What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Which are you?

There are different kinds of travellers. You may not know which kind you are, but your habits and activities when you are travelling are one way to evaluate. You may be a bore who’s done everything first or a genuinely great and eccentric explorer. Whichever you are, one of the following types of travellers will best describe you.


1 – The Collector

A collector is a hoarder, a sophisticated hunter-gatherer of the exceptional and exotic. Collectors don’t gather endangered species or looted antiquities. Their only desire is to gather up unique experiences in out-of-the-way places. Such collections are pinned in memory and relayed in conversation.


2 – The Conformist

The conventional universal type who travels for social acceptance rather than personal satisfaction. A conformist selects destinations from a limited and unimaginative menu. His/her delight is social acceptance. Hence, it is not where they have been but what people think about where they have been.


3 – The Thrill-Seeker

Thrill-seekers are nor really of the adventure-sports variety. Of course, there are those who will tie their ankles to a rubber band and jump off a bridge. There are those thrill seekers who are ticket-purchasing slum-tourists and others are frequenters of dodgy-looking dive bars.


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4 – The Escapist

An escapist is a fugitive of the common. Quite intriguing they are. They delight in delusions that anything at all, whether boredom, worry or heartbreak can be lost with distance. It definitely won’t work but it is always worth a try.


5 – The Self-Improver

Admirable. Always up early and out late. A self-improver makes the most of everything a new place has to offer. Incredible stamina. He/she is likely to do research beforehand, pack a lot of books, sensible shoes and return home with more.


6 – The Pilgrim

A pilgrim is a follower of trails. He/she is a visitor of shrines, religious or otherwise. Ages ago, the most devoted pilgrims were at Beatrix Potter’s old house, Hill Top in Cumbria. Nowadays, specific shopping streets and malls have a similar fascination.


7 – The Pioneer

Well, today’s pioneer is almost extinct, an endangered species of some sort. Pioneers are running out of habitat. Theirs is to discover and be forerunners. Unfortunately, most of the world has already been pioneered. How do they really appear in the current society? Businessmen in suits who go for business trips in cities with a population of four, five or six million people we have never heard off? Unlikely. However, just like Marco Polo, businesspeople can indeed be business travellers as well as pioneers.


8 – The Occasional Traveller

This kind of traveller only travels when there’s an occasion. A honeymoon. Football match. Just any other social event.


9 – The Oblivious

The forlorn traveller. Pays no attention and is not interested in where he/she is. The oblivious travels for travelling’s sake and when asked about where they are, they just cannot tell.


10 – The Genuinely Curious

Curious travellers are rare to come by. Their eyes, ears and mind are wide open to learn as much as possible. They are precious and beautiful yet so scarce.


Evaluate yourself. What kind of traveller are you really? Travialist will fit all your Lifestyles!