The Evil Foods of Beijing

Many people live by the mantra “I’ll try anything just once”. Good decision. Travelling to Beijing is an experience of a lifetime. A wonderful busy city with so much culture to offer. Let us not forget the enticing street food and the sweet inviting aromas. Unfortunately, some street foods are not so forgiving and your “I’ll try anything just once” mantra works out against you. They say six is the number of the devil so here are six evil foods you should avoid:

Fried scorpions

It is amazing how people are afraid of scorpions as they crawl on the sand but find them a delicacy when cooked. The Chinese love to serve fried scorpion in vinegar. Some street markets like Donghuamen Snack located on Wangfujing Street serve some black deep-fried scorpions on sticks. For the Chinese, a fried scorpion is a delicacy. For you, not so much because it is horrifying just by touching or looking. It truly tastes crunchy and delicious but the monstrous look just doesn’t do you a service.

Hornet’s larvae

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A plate full of giant larvae. Who would want to eat that? This is a common delicacy in many street food joints in China. Chinese people love it. However, it looks pretty gross for a foreigner and you get that feeling in your tummy by the sight of them. The sight it just the tip of the iceberg. If you choose to go ahead and place them in your mouth and chew, something creamy and tasteless explodes in your mouth. Too late to spit it out.


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Scarab Beetle

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アオドウガネがいた。緑がきれい。ちょうどコガネムシとドウガネブイブイの中間みたいな風味のする見た目ですね。 こいつもまた西日本というか南の方から生息域を拡大してきて、現在は関東でもよく見られるようになった生き物だとか。 幼虫がサトウキビを食害するので沖縄などでは駆除が大変らしい。 #アオドウガネ #青銅鉦 #青銅金 #sugarcanewhitegrub #anomalaalbopilosaalbopilosa #anomalaalbopilosa #黄金虫 #コガネムシ #scarabaeidbeetle #scarabbeetle #scarab #甲虫 #昆虫 #虫 #beetle #insect #bug #instainsect #instabug #insectagram #bugstagram #手乗り昆虫 #手乗せ昆虫 #insect_on_hand #生き物 #若松河田 #新宿区 #東京都 #tokyo #japan

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Beetle are edible if you didn’t know. Beijing is full of exotic beetle delicacies. These dark beetles are fired in soybean oil and sprinkled with some local spices. The spices do add flavour to it but it is a definite no-no. Despite this variety of beetles being unique because they are only collected from the remote villages in China, they are not so tasteful to a non-Chinese tongue.

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Domestic house cricket

You’ve seen this cricket in the corner of your house during the rainy season. Now, imagine eating it. Crickets are the most common street foods in Beijing. They are served fried with some soya sauce or vinegar.

Century eggs

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It is also known as a preserved or black egg. An egg is preserved in clay, wood ash salt and quicklime for a few weeks or months. As a result, the shell turns black while the yolk turns green. A delicacy for the Chinese but very disgusting for you.
As you travel to Beijing, it is important that you use google translator before making any food purchases. Don’t just be fascinated by the appearance. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.