Most Underrated Cities in the World

Everybody wants to travel to Paris and Vienna. This does not mean that these places are not great. They are wonderful, amazing and exhilarating. However, they are other incredible cities that have been ignored by travellers of citizens of the country itself.

Porto, Portugal

It has more often than not been outshined by the nearby city of Lisbon. Nevertheless, Porto has a unique culture unlike any other city in Portugal. It may have struggled in the recent economic crisis but it has bounced back charged by young, fresh and passionate people. Porto’s highlights are:

  • the multicoloured Ribeira district
  • the nearby beaches
  • many art galleries
    world-famous port wine
  • Who cannot fall in love with this city?

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is a gem on the Moroccan coats, full of history, nature and a laid-back atmosphere. Tranquillity fills its streets, with smiles and the delicious aroma of Moroccan food. It has long beaches with strong winds where camels find a hangout joint. Sounds strange but it is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Moroccan culture without the hassle of the city.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka may feel like the last place you want to be, but it has beautiful landscapes mostly of tropical vegetation. It has interesting religious buildings, historical monuments, markets and the widely known Sadarghat Port.

Canberra, Australia

Unlike other Australian cities, Canberra does not have beautiful beaches, a cool graffiti art scene or a fancy opera house. It is no wonder that it is often overlooked. However, Canberra remains to be an interesting place to visit. You can walk on top of the Parliament House and take in the awesome Canberra views from there. Great food, cool cafes and delicious restaurants are a Canberra signature.

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Skopje, Macedonia

Despite its beauty and diversity, Macedonia, especially Skopje is one of the overlooked European destinations. Skopje is a quirky, fun, unpretentious and multicultural city. It features neo-classical architecture and the 66 meter-high cross on top a hill which some version of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

It is the largest and most vibrant city in Brazil. Sao Paulo has a mix of culture, background and vibes. It is home to respected Brazilian restaurants which offer a world-class experience. It may be overlooked due to its crowded nature but Sao Paulo remains a cultural gem in Brazil.

Richmond, United States

This capital of Virginia has a lot of street art, fine restaurants and a range of entertainment options. It has historical architecture, a memory of past slavery and war. Nevertheless, its diverse population drowns all memories of past hurts.

Isfahan, Iran

Iran is unpopular because of the ongoing war. This has not stopped Isfahan from boasting of stunning architecture especially traditional Islamic architecture. Isfahan has lots of mosques covered in gilded, painted glass. Many more buildings exploit the traditional Islamic architecture. Take time to enjoy biryani, traditional rice, when you visit.
Incredible cities remain undiscovered because they have been underrated for one reason or another. Make a different choice and enjoy the experiences these cities have to offer.