Luxury Holidays on a Budget

Holidays such as honeymoons, anniversaries or even celebratory retirement vacations merit a splashing on which a budget does not account for. Most times, ‘holiday’, ‘luxury’ and ‘cheap’ are not words used in the same sentence. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to enjoy a luxury holiday on a budget. You don’t have to constrain yourself. Here are five destinations that will give you a refreshing experience:

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has a scenic landscape and pleasant weather all year round. Cape Town has so much to offer such that the duration of your vacation will always feel too short.

  • Vineyards
  • Beaches
  • Wildlife safari
  • Mouthwatering food

You can get around town on a bus, train, taxi or Uber. The classic train compartments allow you to enjoy a relaxing and rich experience. The only expense incurred is the airfare which is not too expensive considering it is a luxury holiday. Cape Town has a variety of housing options. There’s so much to discover in South Africa from an adventure in the wild to a sunbathing afternoon on the beach.



Australia is without a doubt a destination of choice. It boasts of striking landscapes and the rich ancient culture. Australia offers an excellent quality of life. It has a spectacular natural environment, climate and diversity. It is perfect for a luxury destination on a minimal budget. Australia is not just about the exceptional biodiversity but also the exquisite restaurants. Dazzling corals and vivid sea creatures make Australia the ideal destination. Don’t forget the Sydney opera.



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Dubai has established itself as the next travel destination with the world class amenities and luxury it has to offer. The range of hotels caters for all markets. Of course, the landmarks Burj-al-Arab and Burj Khalifa are not simple buildings. There is an extensive network of public transport to shuttle you from one place to another. The beaches give you an opportunity to enjoy an all-day sunbath. Dubai is extensively a desert, but this has not prevented it from providing a fabulous cosmopolitan lifestyle. The coastline is home to breathtaking natural life; tropical fish, sharks, dolphins. All perfect for snorkelers and divers. We cannot fail to mention the shopping experience. You can get anything from any brand.



Singapore defines itself with the unique luxury beaches it offers. Beautiful buildings are located near the coastline. Such location provides aesthetic value and luxury. The Singapore zoo is renowned for exotic and friendly animals. Children love this. Singapore offers a vast cuisine. It is best to visit between February and May.

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China is among the most visited countries in the world. The railway system is fantastic. There are many ancient architectural sites, imperial gardens, temples, museums, beaches and the famous Great Wall of China. Vegetarians are well taken care of, and so are meat lovers. There are so many pleasant places to visit. The ideal seasons for visiting are between May and October. Remember to be careful with the street food.